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Welcome to Hayley's Theater
This month we have  added a presentation of a reading from
"Pride and Prejudice" by Hayley Mills
along with the
"One Starry Night Benefit for ALS."
 Hayley sings 'Let's Get Together" with
Richard Sherman who help write the song with his brother who has now passed away for the Disney Movie "The Parent Trap."





Welcome to our Hayley Mills Theater.

We will be adding video features to this page and hope to change them often. Maybe a complete movie, like we have for you this month or maybe an interview with Miss Hayley Mills we have found on line or movie trailer so you can see some films you may have not heard about before now.

Hayley Mills and her father John Mills on the Danny Kaye Show



Hayley Mills doing a reading from Jane Austen's
"Pride and Prejudice"


We are also featuring Hayley Mills in 2016 at the "One Starry Night Benefit for ALS"
where Hayley and
Richard Sherman sings 'Let's Get Together" from the Disney Movie
"The Parent Trap."
The song was written for the movie by Richard Sherman with his brother who has now passed away.





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